Parking is at a few locations. Best spot is directly across from registration in the Hank’s Specialties lot. There will be very limited parking adjacent to the course at the corner of 1st and 14th. This dead end road would be best for the officials and others who want to stay all day. It will be extremely hard to get out of once racing starts.

We also have parking available in the Merwin Pharmacy lot at 1811 Old Hwy 8 and the lot just south of Merwin in Rush Lake Business Park in front of TUV and Johnson Sales, just a block or so from the start/finish that you can easily get in and out of all day long.

You can do warm up laps in Long Lake Park or around the local community or set up in any of the lots.

There is an exciting right curving downhill on 14th Street going into Old Hwy 8.